Day 26 March 26

Day 26 March 26

Passage: Isaiah 4812-22
When the Lord proclaimed that “I am the one who is present at the very beginning, and at the very end” (48:12), He was actually demanding them to know and acknowledge that God was the One who created the world. When He said His hands founded the earth, and His right hand spread out the sky, on one hand He was showing off His power, and on the other hand He was clearly stating that He was the One who was present at creation. Hence the Lord is the one from the beginning till the end, and whatever that has happened to Israel or has been accomplished, He hid nothing from Israel (cf 48:6,16). In short, He expressed His presence, and took responsibility for everything from the beginning till the end.

Back then, Abram who was the wandering Aramean, listened to God, and God promised that his offspring would be as countless as the dust of the earth and the stars in the sky. And they later became a nation, and after some time Judah was defeated by Babylon, and its people were exiled to foreign land. The Lord said from the beginning till now, He was behind all these, and this meant He was their Creator.

In 48:17 the Lord proclaimed Himself as protector of Israelthe Holy One of Israel, and the One who taught them the way of life, just like a father or a mother to them. As a matter of fact, God would deal with Babylon and the Chaldeans! Though Israel was now in Babylon, God says when they leave Babylon, they would shout in joy! Eventually the Lord will protect and redeem His servant Jacob, and He proclaimed that “there will not be prosperity for the wicked.”(48:22).

The Lord shall lead them through dry regions, and they will not thirst. God seemed to be sending a reminder that He has once led the Israelites out from Egypt. If they do hesitate, the past record would enhance their faith, and encourage them to leave Babylon when the time comes!

Knowing that the Lord is their Creator will spur their faith in God, and trust that He could take the Jews residing in Babylon back to their ancestor’s land, and turn them back to the Lord. And this is the restoration which the Lord intends to bring about.

Prayer: Dear God, you are our Creator and we put our lives in your hand!

第二十六天 Mar 26

经文:以赛亚书 48:12-22


48:17 耶和华说自己是以色列的保护者(和合本译为救赎主),也是以色列的圣者,是教导他们所应当如何行事的神,耶和华如父母般保护和教导以色列。 既是如此,耶和华必处理巴比伦,迦勒底人!以色列虽然被放逐到巴比伦,但上帝说当他们离开巴比伦时,他们将欢呼!因为最终耶和华将保护并救赎祂的仆人雅各!耶和华将不让恶人得益得平安(参48:22),他们必遭耶和华的处置!




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