Day 24 March 24

Day 24 March 24

Passage: Isaiah 46: 3-10
Israel had gone through the humiliation of captivity, yet God who loves his people has never forgotten them. Instead, God’s tone was unwavering as he spoke, “With whom do you compare me? Tell me, who is like me that he can be compared with me?” This is not the first time these words were uttered. In fact, since the time of Moses, God has said likewise (Deuteronomy 4: 32-36), and now, once again, He was saying this to His people.

Humans are forgetful, but God is constantly present. He has witnessed the passing of generation after generation of Israelites, from when they were like a child cared for by Him, till the present, having developed into a nation, and even when they lost their nationhood, God said he has been with them all the way (verses 3 - 4), and He will deliver them.

When Babylon and Persia were caught in the ultimate decisive battle, God announced through the prophet, "As I have said, so it needs to be completed. What I have purposed has to be done." (verse 11) Perhaps, in the eyes of Cyrus, his plan was to defeat the lofty Babylonian empire. But in God's eyes, Cyrus was his right-hand general and through Cyrus, He would judge Babylon. Furthermore, He would perform things that were marvelous and wonderful for his descendants. The acts of God are mysterious and wonderful. Before these acts were revealed, God spoke about them and after they were completed, His people recognized them as done and attributed them to God (verse 10). Man’s experiences of God in history, like the layers of bricks in buildings, slowly and gradually, form our understanding of the Sovereign and Omnipotent God.

God is the Lord of history—not a single country can say that they are indomitable as no matter how successful or powerful they are, they are beneath the eyes of God, and they merely operate within the space of time allotted to them. This too is the Creator we know.

Prayer: God, your acts are mysterious: when you speak them, they will be done.

第二十四天 Mar 24

经文:以赛亚书 46:3-10




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