Day 22 March 21

Day 22 March 21

Passage: Isaiah 45:14-25
The achievements of Cyrus included not only destroying the Babylonians but also defeating the Egyptians and her allies. The relationship between Egypt and Israel go way back. Sometimes they were intimate neighbors, other times deadly rivals. When Judah was weakening and eventually came to an end, all Egypt offered were empty promises. And now, the success of Cyrus was forcing Egypt and her allies to bow down before him. Outwardly, the victor of the war seemed to be Cyrus the Persian, but the truth was: it was God who ruled history. In the plan to restore Jerusalem, these African countries all came to offer their aid. They come not to worship King Cyrus but to the glorified Holy City of the end times.

As a result, such a vision means the nations would worship the LORD. The great redemptive work of God led the nations to assure that "He has no peer. There is no other God!" (verse 14). His action itself was a form of self-revelation. His deeds were so wonderful and so beyond comprehension that the nations could only be in awe of the God who was hidden beyond their imagination and was now manifested in His greatness. To the despondent Jews such revelation could also be a challenge: in the future, nations could not help but acknowledge the magnificent acts of God. How about themselves?
Could they also recognize this was the work of the Almighty God?
Although the Jews were humiliated by the destruction of the country, but in time to come, would they be able to draw courage from God to lift their heads high again? "All the descendants of Israel will be vindicated by the LORD and will boast in Him." (verse 25). The days of shame will come to pass and the days of glory shall come. The nations depend on their own idols, "They will be ashamed and embarrassed; those who fashion idols will be humiliated." (verse 16). Jews must have faith in their true and reliable Deliverer, the LORD.

The nations will have to face the truth one day, that is there is no other God like Him. "I have no peer, there is no God but me." (verse 21).

Prayer : LORD, there is no other God but you. We and all the nations will bow before you and worship you alone.

第二十二天 Mar 21

经文:以赛亚书 45:14-25

所以,这样的宣言其实意味着诸国对耶和华的朝拜。神如此伟大的救赎让这些民族肯定祂是耶和华,没有和祂并列的。45:14)神这样的作为是一种自我启示。正因为祂的作为如此奥妙与超乎想象,诸国只能感叹这位隐藏于它们想象之外的神如今已显明了自己的伟大。也许这样的启示对绝望的犹太人也是一种挑战:将来诸国尚且不得不承认神的壮举,你们自己反而如今能认清这点吗?所以犹太人虽然如今因灭国而蒙羞,但他们是否能够有从盼望耶和华而来抬头的勇气 ?  “以色列的后裔都必得耶和华还以清白,以祂夸耀。45:25)蒙羞的日子会过去,夸耀的日子必来临。各国的民族依靠的是木偶的神明。凡制造偶像的都必抱愧,都要一同蒙羞。45:16)犹太人必须以真实可靠的拯救者--耶和华为信心。因为列国总有一日必须面对真理,那就是没有与耶和华同等的。祂说:除我以外,没有别神。45:21



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